It happened on August 4, 2014 at a little place called...

Blue Hill At Stone Barns_Restaurant_Tarrytown_New York_Chef_Dan Barber_logo.jpg


... one of Jon and Jess' favorite weekend escapes in Pocantico Hills, a short drive upstate from the city.

The day started with brunch - as normal, lazy Sundays do. Specifically, at Foragers City Table - a handsome, new wood-lined restaurant in Chelsea.  Jon rarely finds a new spot before Jess, so this was a win.

Over coffee, he surprised her with his plans. He'd rented a car and after brunch they would be headed up to Blue Hill for dinner. Save your appetite, he told her. 

But it was too late.

Light brunches are for the weak.

After a stack of lemon pancakes, pork belly hash, toast and poached eggs, they were ready to start making their way up the Hudson Valley.



Fifteen courses later, they were led to the restaurant's private garden outside where they had dessert.

As the sun set, fireflies started to twinkle in the dusk.



My favorite day so far.

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Very full and very nervous, Jon asked Jess if she would be his wife. She said yes.

They were stuffed. Happy, and stuffed.