The act of sitting, talking, thinking, caffeinating


TULUM, mexico

Espresso on the beach. Pretty sure Jon came up with a great business plan involving leaving the States and opening a taco truck here.

Iced Coffee

During New York City's congested, balmy summers, iced coffee is a part of life. Jon mainlines it into his system daily.

Chemex Pourover

Jon's preferred brewing method


Les Deux Magots. Jon's kind of place for an afternoon.

Bali, Indonesia

A sampling of Sumatran and Javanese beans, as well a brew made from beans pooped out by Civets, the local wild jungle cat.

Montalcino, Italy

La Dolce Vita

La Colombe

SoHo, NY

Sundays at Home

New York City

Stumptown Coffee

Miami, FL

Panther Coffee

Miami, FL

Cortadito. A South Florida specialty with Cuban roots.

East Village, NYC

Cafe Ost. Jon's old neighborhood spot.

Jon's Must Have Accessory 

Stumptown, NY

Ost. Cafe 

East Village, NY

The Simple Things...

Portofino, Italy

You could get used to this.